The Soul’s Journey

This is the journey from the soul’s abyss to the bright shoreline of Grace.

The journey of the soul is one that goes through dark. It delves into the depths of the shadows and lumbers between the blacks and greys. It occurs within reality, but reality isn’t seen as it truly is. Reality becomes a fog-filled distortion or, on its clearest day, a rough outline.

Every searching soul’s journey has an abyss. This is its dark night. Nothing can be seen clearly. The body becomes opaque, still and numb. The senses cannot sense. The self is not whole, it is fragmented into a thousand pieces spread across eternity. There is mourning of the self.

Yet, even in the abyss the Real Self exists. This Self holds the memory of eternity within it. The soft light gives reality its outline and emanates from eternity. It’s an ancient light glimmering so that all is not lost. The Real Self is connected via an umbilical cord to universal Grace, and without it the soul would be stuck. Not on a journey, but just stuck.

The soul’s journey is hard to look at yet intriguing at the same time. You shun your attention, confusion sets in, what happened to the person you were? It is a journey borne of and through Grace.


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