Hiatus & Heartbreak

“We must give ourselves, mind, body and soul, to the ones we love “


Sometimes life forces you to stop. It throws a wrench in all your plans and makes you think about what’s ultimately important: purpose, mortality and the nature of life.

There are some tragedies that hit so hard, they knock the breath out of you. When they hit, everything stands still. There is no way above, under or around them. You have to go through. Grief when loved ones pass has that affect. This year, I lost two souls whose love shaped my core and their passing left me breathless.

There are times when a series of tragedies wraps around you so tightly, that being stuck is inevitable. Unable to move, breathe or grow, you simply wait until the storm passes while bracing yourself and praying that when it fades, your self is intact enough to come back to. Such is the impact of a tragedy that hits the foundation of your family.

I have come to realize that the beauty and affliction of life is that it is temporary and fragile. It hangs on by a thread while its creation is grand. Life is precious and accompanied by time, which dictates that we will outlive many of our loved ones. Life’s challenge is loving wholly for the sake of love because each one of us will reach our end. Our loved ones will pass. Scary. Frightening. Tragic. Yet, we must go on and continue to love. We must give ourselves, mind, body and soul, to the ones we love. This is the gift and the curse of life.

The grief is slowly uncoiling. Bit by bit, from the help of external forces and internal will, it’s slowly unwrapping. Inside its iron fist, I start to feel its grip loosen. My blood is sluggishly flowing and oxygen is moving in and out. It will take time to fully unwrap and until then, I’m regaining my strength.

This has been the backdrop of a hiatus from Veneka.Me. In truth, I couldn’t process enough to spill joy and passion into my writing. Wander and inspiration, key ingredients in this labor of love, were elusive. More to come this year. Veneka.Me is back up and running again.

Hiatus Heartbreak Beach Summer

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