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Your happiness and your purpose are known by only one person: you


Destiny doesn’t come in waves, it comes in tiny drops…bit by bit each day

Ultimate power is power over one’s self and destiny. There is no greater power to experience in this lifetime. Control over your destiny is a superpower. Self reliance is table stakes in this game called life. There is no knight in shining armor coming.

Being a superhero is hard, daily work. Superheroes go into battle every day with a desire to work regardless of validation or criticism. They fail, recover and try again. They are not victims. They don’t make excuses. They nurture and cherish their own superpowers and don’t rely on others for fuel.

No man is an island and we need each other. However, if we can’t be our own heroes then how can we uplift others? In order to nourish the forest, a tree must first grow tall and sustain its own life.

No one is going to give you lasting happiness. Not your husband, your children, father, mother or siblings. Nothing will give you the joy you seek. Not your car nor your house. Only you can give yourself that joy.

Face Reality

There isn’t an element on this planet that knows exactly how to make you happy. Nothing on Earth knows your purpose. Your happiness and your purpose are known by only one person: you. You will be your first and last responder.

Care For Yourself

Superheroes cultivate and nurture their superpowers. Likewise, caring for your physical, emotional and mental well-being is the foundation to your power. It’s all about the basics: eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise, meditate and keep reading.

Pick Yourself Up

We don’t love superheroes because they get the job done perfectly. Superheroes do not let obstacles hinder them. They quickly get back onto the battlefield with a new plan. Sometimes there is no plan, they’re improvising and doing their best.

Don’t Be a Victim

Your past is over and if it’s still haunting you, it’s controlling you. Don’t be a victim to the past or the opinions and actions of others. If you feel stuck, work towards change. Superheroes don’t know how to be victims.

Start Today

Don’t wait until circumstances fall into place to start taking control of your destiny. Each day is important, don’t waste them. Destiny doesn’t come in waves, it comes in tiny drops…bit by bit each day.

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