Unconventional Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful contemplations in our toolkit. Studies prove that we are more productive when we move from a language of ‘I want’ to ‘I have, thank you’.

I’ve been infinitely blessed. I often wonder whether I’m living on some sort of borrowed luck as I awe at the grace bestowed upon me. A grace that never gives up on me and blesses me with rapturously sweet fruit. This would be enough for a lifetime of gratitude. But, bitter fruit is also a gift. The venom that tears within, that too is a blessing.

Our darkest hours shine a light on our most brilliant selves. As the bitter fruit runs its course, it carves a blessing. Gratitude is a matter of perspective and that too, is a gift.

Thank you, illness

I am grateful for illness. When my body was broken and mind was hazy with medications, illness forced life into slow motion. It brought a mental restlessness and introspection that led to the realization of a hard truth: I got lost. Illness taught me how to care for myself. Without it, I would have neither understood nor appreciated holistic health. That was the beginning of a journey to center. That was the beginning of wisdom. Thank you, illness.

Thank you, fear

I am grateful for every time I got scared. Fear has helped me jump into action and shake off complacency. It’s a sign of a retreating comfort zone. Fear defines courage since courage is not the absence of fear, but action in its presence. Thank you, fear.

Thank you, heartbreak

I am grateful for heartbreak. When I felt my heart on the floor and couldn’t find oxygen in the darkness, heartbreak fortified my tools. The choking sensation of your spirit being wrung out of you always passes. It left behind a path for my best self to flourish. Thank you, heartbreak.

Thank you, failure

I’m grateful for the times I’ve failed. Failure has always been my lighthouse in a storm. It has given me the tools to grow. Failure, more than success, will shape the person I will become. Thank you, failure.

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